Back to school !

In our first week back at L’ecoline it was wonderful to see both familiar and new children,families and staff.
It is at the basis of the Reggio philosophy that children learn when they trust and feel secure and our main objective last week was to begin to build relationships with the new children.

We introduced the ‘Welcome Time’ routine, and this year, because we have more children and a larger age-range, we are able to do this in three small groups : 
Elizabeth, our new teacher, and our new Assistant-educator Vincent with the youngest children (Pre-School 1).

Daria our new educator and Angelique, a trainee teacher from Greece who is with us until Christmas, with the middle group (Pre-School 2).

The school age children review their day with me and support worker Viet (School 1 & 2).

After ‘Welcome Time’, when children have had the opportunity to talk about what they would like to do, and have had activities proposed, children work in small groups in the whole of the space, including outside. The role of the educator in the Reggio setting is to observe and interact with the children and to document learning.

Some examples of the small group work happening last week. N. observes carefully as I. places one horse on each step and makes an enclosure. Alongside, N. builds a space for a large and small dog and E. explores size by exploring which animals can pass in and out of the bobbin.

 Children decide to make puppets to extend their play in the puppet theatre.

S. and M. see their play in front of the webcam projected on to the screen.

Children use A.’s plan to construct in the forest.
We had to find the right weight sticks to weave horizontal sticks through vertical ones.

Clare, 01.09.2013