Welcome to Pre-School 1

I am eager to show you our classroom and tell you about our day. Our first few weeks together have mostly been a time to discover who we are, what is in our space, and how we interact.  It has been a time for the students to become comfortable in our classroom, and to feel safe, secure, and loved.  A time for students to feel, “I am here.  I am important.  I am valued.”
We begin our time together at Welcome Time.  At Welcome Time, we greet each other by singing a “hello” song.  We share stories or sing a song (in both English and French) and we talk about the work that we have done, or plan on doing.
Introducing a new game to the classroom.

Here E. is presenting her dragon house.

After Welcome Time, the students choose an area of the classroom that they would like to explore, or find a language to express themselves.  The classroom was carefully designed to feel homelike to help students feel welcome and comfortable.  There are spaces for being quiet and cozy, as well as spaces for active exploring, building, and creating.  

N. and I.  have joined E. in creating dragon houses.

Sharing books and building relationships.

Mirrors are throughout the classroom.  They provide opportunities for children to see themselves in the reflection and observe how their bodies look and move.  Observing their bodies develops children’s self-confidence and awareness.

Who am I? Who is in my class?
After focused work time, we generally go outside, either on the terrace or further outside in the forest or soccer fields.

L. discovered a hole in a tree stump.  The children asked, “What is inside? Could there be a wolf?”

After outdoor time, we meet again to discuss the work that was done, as well as sing a song and read a book to end our time together.