Light and shadows, by Elizabeth

Throughout the year, the children of Preschool 1 and 2 have been drawn to exploring light and many of its forms.

As stated in The Wonder of Learning, “Light is vital for life, has great metaphorical significance, and is a highly fascinating element which children encounter in their everyday experience, from a very early age... The first triggering elements are wonder and curiousity, i.e. the activation of a questioning intelligence.” 

We observed the sky, stars, and moon.  We stargazed, looked at the constellations, and listened to stories that were invented thousands of years ago in order to explain the wonders that we see in the sky every night.  During the solar eclipse, we revisited these themes, and created a space atelier, sharing our work with School 1 & 2 and Preschool 2.

Recently, the children have made observations about how light changes in the outdoor environment.  

We enter the forest and observe that it is so dark, almost like night.  But before we entered the forest, there was so much sunlight.  Why are some areas so dark, and some areas so light?

C'est comme mon ombre

We entered the forest and observed that while it was mostly dark, there were some patches of light. We pondered, why is this?  Where does the light come from?

Look! There's the sun!

In the classroom, we have continued exploring shadows.