'Days of the Week' with Clare's group

On Monday we began our first dance atelier with Carina.

We said 'Hello' without speaking.

The children instinctively placed themselves in the squares of light.

We danced and drew to the music.

 It was funny watching our friends.

We made our own 'Days of the Week' books based on 'The Hungry Caterpillar' 

We practice the days of the week, the weather, counting and our names every day in English. We also listen to stories and learn songs and key phrases.

On Tuesday Davide, our storyteller in residence, made his first visit. Did the children retell you the story of the woman made of sugar and the man made of salt? They loved the story and then drew their interpretation in pairs.

We displayed the images as the children shared their stories with their friends.

On Wednesday we all did lots of different things ;) and on Thursday we were in the classroom studio.

To paint and explore colour mixing.

To work with clay.

To draw, make and create! 
We learn by carefully watching others.

We develop our skills as we develop our concentration.

 L. makes a propeller for his helicopter,  M. makes a maze using wool and L. decides to use tape to frame her drawing.

The children are continuing to develop relationships with each other and us and to find new and favourite things to.

We cut animals from coloured paper and stuck them on a shared freize as we developed a group story.

One of the things we did on Friday was to spend a moment in mixed age groups allowing the children who spoke English a chance to get to know each other better. School 1 and 2 also work with Angeline on Thursday and Friday afternoons and she will update you as projects develop.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and look forward to seeing you on Monday!