"La Fete des Couleurs, la Sieste des Couleurs' with Clare's group

L. describes his painting
 ' C'est la fête des couleurs' 
and A. replies 
'Alors la mienne c'est la sieste des couleurs!'
And they laugh together.

I put the overhead projector in the atelier with classical music playing and added silk scarves of all different colours. The children created images on the wall, ceiling and floor with a variety of selected materials and changed the colour and atmosphere of the space using the silk scarves.

 They danced to the music with the scarves.

 And noticed that images could be seen on the scarves as well as the wall.

The children interacted with the images and developed stories that they were part of. 
C. is in the sea with jelly fish.

We continue to experiment with the colours and forms inspired by La Fete et La Sieste.

The next day I worked with the children in small groups teaching mixing colours from primary colours and making pastel shades.

When the colours were bright we painted to lively music!

And when the colours were pastel we painted, and danced, to calm music.

That afternoon some children made a collection of bright objects and called it "La maison des Fetes"

I worked with some other children to create "La Maison des Siestes"
This gave us the opportunity to explore further the contrast between the two, and to consider how texture and lighting as well as music and colour change atmosphere.

The next day I presented a selection of percussion instruments and children decided if they thought they best suited 'fete' or 'sieste.'
The children experimented with the instruments and we decided that how we played the instrument also affected which group we put it in. We also realised that not everyone decides on the same group for an instrument and that there is no 'right' answer.

The children each got to be the conductor and to decide how loud or quietly their friends should play.

The next Monday we shared our project with Carina because children had been exploring another contrast, that of fire and water through drawing and dance in her atelier.