Preschool 1 and 2's Snail Investigation, by Elizabeth

The following is a project that developed over many weeks with the children of 
Preschool 1 and 2.

We go for a walk in the woods and find many forest treasures. We bring some back to our classroom.  The children have an opportunity to revisit, manipulate, and explore the items that they have found.

B and L are drawn to the snail shell.  Is the snail inside? Where did he go? 

L and B listen carefully to hear if the snail is still in the shell.  There is a brief conflict as they discuss if they can hear the snail or not.

L: Y a pas du bruit
B: Oui, il y a du bruit

Ruth arrives and joins in the discussion. Ca fait pas du bruit!

Il ne veut pas sortir!
Il dort!
Mais il n’est pas là! Il n’est pas là l’escargot.
Peut-être il est parti en voyage.

Hmm... where is the snail?

Meanwhile, the exploration continues in other areas of the classroom....

D draws snail-like shapes on the chalkboard.  After, the snail shell goes for a walk on the chalkboard.

Here, L builds a new house for the snail shells

Other materials are added to extend the children's exploration of the snail shell.  We read books about snails and swirl-shapes, look at other objects that have swirls, and carefully observe our snails. 

When we walk in the woods, we look for more snail shells. 

J finds live snails with her Mum, and brings them in for us to observe. 

But, snails need to live outside, so we thank them for visiting us, and bring them back to the forest.

We find a cozy house for them.

And carefully move them.

We watch for awhile to make sure that they are comfortable in their new home.