A project inspired by Giuseppe Penone (part 2) by Clare with S1and 2

A. came running towards me,
'Clare, come quickly it's like Giuseppe Penone' (translated)
She was very excited. I ran towards a big tree with her. Other children were partially hidden in the tree.


Back in the classroom we looked at an image of the sculpture A. remembered seeing at the gallery.


And another in an outdoor setting.


We explored the line drawings of G.P. 


I put plants in the atelier, and paper and pastels on the floor. The children enjoyed taking turns at making shapes in the plant and drawing each other.


I introduced perspex boards with rollers and paint and encouraged children to explore using a continuous line.

It was interesting to notice how children explored similar themes outside.

A. makes patterns in a puddle with a stick

C. and A. play with their shadows

Drawing and making pathways in the sand.

L. notices the prints of an animal. What could it be? 
The children decide to follow the tracks.


L. joins D. who is using a stick horizontally to make marks in the sand. D. shows L. his technique and L. enjoys having a try.

They then notice other marks in the sand and wonder what could have made them? They follow them together until the change in surface means they disappear!

What could it have been? Where did it go? 

M. is sure a beaver has left these marks!
Working together and creating with natural objects

Inspired by this project, the children are really noticing the beauty in the markings and shapes of pieces of driftwood.

And continue to enjoy hiding in the branches!

Using charcoal with Sylvie.

School 1 working with Sylvie

 Children draw to music with a pastel in each hand. The process was mesmerising and the symmetrical drawings wonderful.
Their experiences with line drawing and dance during this project really seemed to come together in this activity as they drew with their whole bodies and they danced as they drew.