A Visit to the Theater, by Elizabeth

Preschool 1 and 2 visited the Petit Thêatre to see Enchantés.

(for  more information, please visit http://www.lepetittheatre.ch/programme/saison-2015-2016/spectacle/enchantes)

When we returned to L'écoline, we set up the atelier as the theater.  This enabled the children to revisit the experience and transform into  the protagonists of the story.  We carefully observed the children and how they used and interacted in the space.  We used these observations and reflections to provide further provocations. 

"Oooh, c'est le thêatre!" Say several children as we walk into the atelier.  We sit around the paper, and ask each other, "what shall we do next?"

Working in groups of two, the children take turns lying on the paper while the other draws.  There is lots of movement and cooperation... and giggles!

In another corner of the atelier, several children are drawn to interacting with their shadows...

 While others are interested in the paint.  Some try the different movements that they observed the performers use:

 "Regarde! J'ai fait un soleil." -J

We moved our "movement paper" into a different context, to enable further exploration and understanding.  Some children mimicked their actions in the atelier, while others tried out  new movements.


  We tried out new painting techniques using long paintbrushes..