Week one in the round by Clare

The idea behind preparing a square with a quarter circle for each child's creation was that each square would be unique like them and that when we put them all together we would create something beautiful.

They can identify their individual part in a finished work by the whole group
S holds the cup to help Z draw a circle
Continuing the circle theme enables children to practice pencil, cutting and threading as well as social skills.

In the piazza the projected images of underwater scenes inspired movement and drawing.

Building in the piazza

Some children chose to try out the new easels and create their first painting of the new school year.

Making friends at the lake

Discovering the wonder of the overhead projector!

The children notice the circles they make in the water when they throw stones. They start to throw a few stones at once:-
'Look at all the circles!'
M shows great reasoning skills and an understanding of 'one to one correspondence' as well as showing maths lessons can happen anywhere when he says:-

'I know how many circles there are, the same as the number of stones you threw.'

A and E make a magic potion

This group return from our Friday morning trip to the lake to enjoy some free drawing time and socialising in the studio. Its such a privilege to listen to children as they create together!

Our focus at this beginning of the school year is to get to know the children and to give them the opportunity to get to know each other and to feel comfortable in the space. We are creating opportunities for them to be in different groups and in different spaces and observing their free choices. Valentine will share her photographs with you next time with some text in French for another perspective. It has been a pleasure to see you all this week and a joy to be with the children.