Bruno Munari

For six weeks, the children will be collaborating with our atelierista Anne Marie on Friday mornings.  Our first session together was this past Friday, September 9.  The children met Anne Marie for the first time, and she introduced to them our topic of exploration.  For the next six weeks, we will explore the world and works of Bruno Munari.   

Who is Bruno Munari?

Bruno Munari was an Italian artist, graphic designer, and inventor.  He also created many children's books.  His books are full of surprises, much to the delight of those reading them!

His work combined many different mediums.  Many of his books combined the visual with tactile.  Here are some examples:

“Keeping the spirit of childhood alive in your life means maintaining a curiosity for knowledge, the joy of understanding, one’s will to communicate.” Bruno Munari

Meeting Anne Marie for the first time.
Here, she shows the children some of Munari's works, and reads them one of his books.

Today we will explore the connection between the visual and tactile senses.  The children begin by caressing a blank piece of paper.  The paper feels cool and smooth.  

What happens when we add a drop of paint?

Drops of color are added to the paper.  The children are encouraged to feel the paint and observe what happens when the colors swirl and mix.  

Regarde! Ca fait vert aussi sur les mains!

The children come and go as they wish.  Some choose to come to the table straightaway.  Others observe and join when they are ready.  There is no rush.  Each child stays as long as they wish.  There is no rush.  Without the constraint of time, each child is able to appreciate the experience at their own rate.

Each work is a reflection of the child.  Some mix colors, others don't.  Some use warm colors, some choose cool colors. Some use all of the colors!  

What a joyful, creative morning!