The development of our project and a glimpse around by Clare

 A peep into Valentine's space

underwater in the piazza

mathematical thinking

Piazza time
 Following the last blog, we tested the theory that 5 pebbles thrown in the water would make 5 circles. We discovered that 1 pebble made lots of splashes and each splash made a circle. There were 'Circles in circles' and "Circles overlapping' 
Children took photographs and made drawings using pen and pastels.

climbing and...


helping each other

Morning welcome
 Choosing yoga in the piazza with Mathilde

In the development of our project we have been discovering the work of Sonia Delauney and a first group have been making their own creations with circles.

 What colour is the water?
'Water has no colour, it's see through'
'I can see colours'

'Water' by A
Piazza time with Nancy

Smiles with Laure
 Sunlight through the trees