School and project update by Clare

Giving the children the camera, encourages them to look more carefully at the water (translated when spoken in french)
'Its clear' 
'I can see through it. Look at the stones'
'I can see the tree'
'That's the reflection.'

'It's blue'
'I can see lots of colours'
'That's the sun'
'It's white'
'It's the light shining on the water'

Looking through water in the classroom.
'It makes things look funny'
'Outside, through the window is upside down!' 

We looked at the mirror in the classroom and then took it outside and laid it on the ground to make a comparison with the lake surface and we could see the sky and the clouds as well as our faces!

L. and T. are observing their shadows. I gave them crayons so they could draw around each other. 
'I cant reach your head'
T. experiments with moving closer and further away from the wall.

Z. and S. join them and build layers both on the wall and the overhead projector.

Working in the piazza with Mathilde, T. draws on a projected image. The children draw 'inside the bubble' and practise cutting to then place underwater creatures on their drawing.

Yoga in the piazza with Marie Elodie
In the classroom

We have been making place mats for our lunch tables.

'I'm going to paint like Sonia Delauney'
Making passports

Imaginative, physical and social development outside and in great weather.